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TSA. Technika Service Agro. Main plant in Voronezh
The corporate group «Technika-Service»

The centre of the corporate group «Technika-Service» is located in the old Russian city of Voronezh, which is one of the industrial and research centres in Russia. The city is situated on the way between Moscow, the capital of Russia, and Krasnodar, southern Russian town. The distance to Moscow is 500 km, the distance to Krasnodar is 950 km.

the group structure

JSC «Technika-Service» is the principal shareholder of the plant FKL a.d., Temerin, Serbia.

our numbers
TSA equipment for metal cutting, laser and plasma machines

TSA has the equipment for metal cutting, including laser and plasma machines, guillotines; the equipment for machining process with lathes, milling and other machines. The vast variety of press equipment is used.

TSA. Robot welding machines

Robot welding machines are used together with manual welding in the welding shop.

TSA. Automatically controlled painting line.

Automatically controlled painting line makes it possible to paint the details by the means of the powder method. Surface preparation for the spraying is carried out by mechanical and chemical means.

LLC «TS Engineering»

Specialization: foundry production. The plant produces high quality iron and steel casting of the details from 1 to 150 kg, including those from the high-test cast iron. We are the suppliers of the Krasnodar plant of the CLAAS company. We produce cast iron pulleys for them meeting all the highest standards of balancing.

We produce cast iron pulleys
JSC «Ertil experimental mechanical plant»

The main production of the plant includes more than 100 standard size of sieves for all the types of grain-cleaners, including foreign ones.

more than 100 standard size of sieves for all the types of grain-cleaners

The main part of production are the spare parts for the sugar houses (factories) and agriculture – more than 280 articles. These are the spare parts for rotary pumps, elevators, filters, centrifuges etc.

LLC «Technika Service Agro»

The plant is being built at present and eventually by the end of 2017 the manufacturing area of 27000 sq. m. will be put into service. Its mission is the expansion of the assembly production, logistic centre of the corporate group.

TSA logistic centre
Our Dealer network

We have created our own widespread dealer network. You can find us in almost all regions of Russia as well as in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

TSA dealer network
Our products

Main products are planters for tilled crops, grain seeders (drills) and machines for crop cleaning and transportation.

TSA. Planters for tilled crops, grain seeders (drills) and machines for crop cleaning and transportation

Postharvest handling equipment – machines for all kinds of crop cleaning, grain-throwers and loaders, bucket elevators, conveyors.

A lot of associated equipment, such as grain pipes, grain-cleaner screens, aspiration systems.

TSA. Grain pipes, grain-cleaner screens, aspiration systems
Our certificates

The high quality of our products is verified by the GOST Russia Certificate of Conformity. The plant «TS Engineering» holds the certificate of conformity of the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2008.

TSA certificates