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Grain cleaning machines MZS-25, MZS-10 and MZS-5

Technika-Service company offers a family of MZS machines for the preliminary and primary grain sorting. These machines are intended for cleaning cereals, rice, legumes, corn, sorgo, sunflowers, technical, and oil crops.

All MZS machines make a perfect match for technological lines at crop-processing plants, mills, and storages.

Double aeration (input and output) and an enhanced screening unit guarantee a high level of purity.

This easy-to-use equipment is a result of technological efforts and a substantial experience in delivering grain-processing solutions.

    MZS-25 MZS-10 MZS-5
Capacity for preliminary sorting of a raw material with 10% dockage and 20 % moisture content t/h 25 10 5
Machine weight kg 900 520 460
Total power input kW 3 2.2 2.2
Length mm 2,540 2,300 2,450
Width mm 2,340 1,400 1,150
Height mm 2,100 2,100 1,890