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Grain drill ZS-4,2

Seed drill ZS-4.2 can be used to sow the seeds for crops (wheat, rye, barley, and oats), legumes (peas, beans, soybeans, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, and lupin beans), fine seeds (rape and mustard), and grass seeds. The machine applies fertilizers and seeds in one operation.

The device is equipped with variators (continuously variable transmission) rather than gear reducers. The variators are installed on the shafts of the seed and fertilizer metering units. Such design provides for stepless adjustment of sowing rates for seeds and fertilizers. Continuously variable transmission has a single adjustment lever which ensures steady and even rotation throughout the speed range. Seeding rates are 2 kg/ha - 350 kg/ha.

The spring-hydraulic mechanism of the coulter unit allows sowing the seeds at a certain depth, which can be adjusted wildly (within 10 - 100 mm) by press-wheel coverers.

The drill can be equipped with markers that have separate hydraulic cylinders.

The drills are completed with transport units and can be moved on public roads without additional vehicles.

Also, the capacity of the weatherproof seed box (405 kg/m) is one of the best for the industry. It allows minimizing the number of refills necessary to accomplish the job.

Overall width, mm 4,200
Capacity, ha/h Up to 5
Weight, kg 2,700
Hopper capacity (grain/fertilizer), litre 1,000 / 750
Seeding rate, kg\ha 2 .. 350
Number of rows 28
Row spacing, mm 150
Coulter type Disc
Seeding depth, mm 10-100
Working speed, km\h 8-12
Width, mm 3,700
Length, mm 5,850
Height, mm 1,780