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Precision vacuum planter TS-M 4150A

This planter can be used to sow all main crops: maize, sugar and fodder beet, sunflower, sorghum, soybean, cotton, vegetable, and other seeds as required.

TS-M 4150 planter has a classical design: it has a cast iron tyne coulter and a low-positioned seed metering unit that provides precise seed spacing.

The seed metering unit is made of a special polymer that is 4 times stronger than any aluminum alloy. It is resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemicals used to dress seeds. Its H-shaped frame guarantees exceptional durability and ensures maximum comfort when working with the planting units. Iron base bushings in the trapezium hinges do not require replacement for the life of the planter.

The planter is ganged up with 80-120 HP tractors. The type of the fan drive is PTO (540 rev/min). The planter is also equipped with hydraulic driven markers.

  8 ROWS 12 ROWS 12 ROWS
Row spacing, mm 700 700 450
Width, mm 6,000 9,000 6,000
Weight, kg (with the fertilizer system, including seeds and fertilizers) 1,930 - 3,300
Weight, kg (without the fertilizer system, seeds only) 1,330 1,830 1,700
Working speed, km\h 6-8 6-8 6-8