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Gravity table SVP-7

The table is designed to separate cereal and legume seeds, and oilseeds from stones and troublesome impurities that differ from the main crop seeds in specific weight, shape, and surface properties.

The raw material has to be pre-cleaned in air sieve or indented cylinder separators and to have standard moisture content.

Drive electric
Capacity per 1 hour (for wheat seeds with 16% moisture content) t/h 7±1
Operating staff 1
Machine weight, max kg 660
Machine weight (including a fan) kg 945
Power kW 0.7
Total power input (including a fan) kW 15.7
Length mm 2,710
Width mm 2,070
Height mm 2,300
Deck area m2 2.7
Amplitude of deck oscillations mm 1 .. 4
Deck frequency 1/min 1,000
Air flow, max m3/min 14,500
Air pressure, max Pa 2,500