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Indented cylinders BTM-800-8 \ BTM-800-16

Indented Cylinders BTM-800-8 and  BTM-800-16 combine long and short grain separation in one machine. They can be used for sorting and separating grain, seed, fine and vegetable seeds, and similar agricultural products that have been pre-cleaned. The product is separated by length.

In the short grain selection, broken grains as well as short foreign particles are separated from the product. The grain settles down in cell pockets, and the rotation of the cylinder distributes it into a trough. A screw conveys the material out of the machine. The long grain separation functions in a similar way. However, this time, long and foreign particles are removed by guiding the shorter seeds out of the trough. The indented cylinder machines are comprised of painted and bolted steel sheets and are completely encased. The horizontal rotating cell cylinders are made of a special galvanized sheet steel and are equipped with cell pockets. Made of a high quality material, these specially designed asymmetric cell pockets ensure the highest sorting quality.

  BTM-800-8 BTM-800-16
Type stationary stationary
Capacity, t/h 7-8 14-16
Weight, kg 1,020 1,056
Total power input , kW 3.0 30
Length, mm 3,210 4,212
Width, mm 1,125 1,125
Height, mm 2,490 2,730
Inner cylinder dia, mm 800 800
Cylinder length, mm 2,300 2,300
Number of segments 4 4